Earlene Fowler


Benni Harper mysteries

Deze boeken maken deel uit van een humoristische serie waarin ieder deel vernoemd is naar een patchworkblok. Ze gaan allemaal over dezelfde hoofdpersoon, Benni Harper, een ex-cowgirl, bezeten van patchwork en Folk Art specialist. Haar leven is een aaneenschakeling van avonturen waarin ze vaak, nieuwsgierig als ze is, haar neus in politiezaken steekt.

(Mistery novels)





Foolís Puzzle

When an artist is found dead on the eve of a quilt exhibition, Benni must piece together the clues to clear her cousin of murder.


January 1995

ISBN10†††††† 042514545X

ISBN13†††††† 9780425145456



Irish Chain

Benni's taking time from her job at the folk-art museum to sponsor a "senior prom" at San Celina's retirement home. During the dance, she's surprised to find herself waltzing with Clay O'Hara, the Colorado cowboy she had a crush on when she was seventeen. She's even more surprised when Clay's uncle and an elderly woman are found dead in one of the residents' rooms. Now Benni's trying to find a link between the two victims--and the common thread that bound them together in death...


February 1996

ISBN10†††††† 0425151379

ISBN13†††††† 9780425151372





Kansas Troubles

After a whirlwind marriage to the San Celina Police Chief Gabe Ortiz, Benni is excited to visit his hometown in Kansas. At a rowdy backyard barbecue, she meets Tyler Brown, an aspiring country music singer with a promising future and a mysterious past. Everyone is shocked when Tyler's life is cut short by murder. And while Gabe is out of his jurisdiction, Benni is free to step in to do some sleuthing of her own.


March 1997

ISBN10†††††† 0425156966

ISBN13†††††† 9780425156964



Goose in the Pond

When Benni finds a dead woman lying facedown in the lake, dressed in a Mother Goose costume, her investigation takes her inside the Storyteller's Guild. There she discovers that Mother Goose was telling more than fairy tales--she was a gossip columnist who aired the kind of secrets that destroy lives and inspire revenge.


March 1998

ISBN10†††††††††† 0425162397

ISBN13†††††††††† 9780425162392




Dove in the Window

Benni and her relatives and friends are gathered for the family's annual barbecue and cattle roundup. Among the guests is Shelby Johnson, a young photography student from a wealthy Chicago family. In Benni she finds a favourite subject and a new friend. But when the young woman's body is discovered on the ranch the next morning, Benni's closest relatives suddenly develop into prime murder suspects.


May 1999

ISBN10†††††††††† 0425168948

ISBN13†††††††††† 9780425168943




Marinerís Compass

To claim an inheritance that a mysterious stranger left her, Benni must delve into the secrets of her own past--and a place she once called home. This series has been nominated for four Agatha Awards.


April 2000

ISBN10†††††††††† 0425174085

ISBN13†††††††††† 9780425174081



Seven Sisters

While trying to unravel a feuding family's tragic past, Benni Harper, an ex-cowgirl who is now a quilter and folk art expert, uncovers a shocking pattern of tragedy--and stitches a hodgepodge of clues into a very disturbing design.


April 2001

ISBN10†††††††††† 0425179176

ISBN13†††††††††† 9780425179178




Arkansas Traveller

Folk-art expert Benni Harper returns to the small Arkansas town where she spent her childhood summers hoping to reconnect with her friends and family. But Sugartree isn't the peaceful place she remembers. It's torn apart by racial tensions--and murder.


April 2002

ISBN10†††††††††† 0425184285

ISBN13†††††††††† 9780425184288




Steps to the Altar

While Benni is trying to plan two weddings, the local historical society asks her to catalogue the contents of some old trunks. Finding clues to a decades-old murder, Benni starts to sniff around but there are those who'd rather let sleeping dogs lie. Original.


April 2003

ISBN10†††††††††† 0425189449

ISBN13†††††††††† 9780425189443




Sunshine and Shadow

Spirited ex-cowgirl and now expert quilter Benni Harper investigates the connection between her favourite author, the murder of a family friend, and a crazy quilt.


April 2004

ISBN10†††††††††† 0425195287

ISBN13†††††††††† 9780425195284




Broken Dishes

Benni's friend and her husband have a dude ranch that's about to go belly-up. So Benni helps out, tempting vacationers with a Western extravaganza. But the fun turns sour when a dog finds a bone on the property and Benni uncovers human remains.


April 2005

ISBN10†††††††††† 042520197X

ISBN13†††††††††† 9780425201978




Delectable Mountains

When the musical director of Benni Harper's church is called away, Benni is dragged into a musical mission of mercy in which murder hits a sour note.


May 2006

ISBN10†††††††††† 0425206521

ISBN13†††††††††† 9780425206522




Tumbling Blocks

Investigating the death of a local socialite, Benni Harper will need to crack an exclusive circle of suspects before one more gourmet goose gets cooked in the Agatha Award-winning series.


May 2008

ISBN10†††††††††† 0425221237

ISBN13†††††††††† 9780425221235




State Fair

Benni Harper returns with a long-awaited new mystery that has her attending the San Celina Mid-State Fair--a place for caramel apples and 4-H calves, quilts and homemade jams, and maybe just a little murder.


May 2010

ISBN10†††††††††† 0425234223

ISBN13†††††††††† 9780425234228



Bennie Harper Quilt Album - by Margrit Hall

A Scrapbook of Quilt Projects, Photos & Never-Before-Told Stories

Related to the mystery novels.


ISBN†††††††††† 1571202447